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Like the moon in a deep blue evening

When Shlomo Idov was 14 he left Argentina, and also his first love. On the boat he wrote and composed a beautiful love song dedicated to her, "Como la Luna", like the moon. In it, he says to her, "I'm like the moon, and I only live by your light". I didn't know all that when I was a teenager in Israel, and got taken by the songs of Meir Ariel, the "Israeli Bob Dylan". Meir Ariel had a way with words that only great poets had. He loved the Hebrew language, and played with it at his own will. His most famous songs were the ones sung by other singers, more famous than him at the time. One of these was "Erev Kachol Amok", deep blue evening. Its words, set to the music of Shlomo Yidov's song "Como La Luna", are captivating, and through powerful imagery, paint an evening of passionate and even violent love. This synthesis of the music of Shlomo Idov with the words of Meir Ariel, created a beautiful song that was played often on the radio, well, in its poppy version of the singer Rita. After many years, through a coincidental encounter with an Argentinian man who really loves the original Spanish version, I came back to this melody, and decided to try and give it my own interpretation. I published it on facebook, and had the pleasure to recieve a comment by the composer himself, Sholomo Yidov, stating: "muy hermoso.." very beautiful. And here it goes:

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