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 Ofer Ronen, Israeli born musician living in Spain, creates original music that connects both sides of the Mediterranean, between Jerusalem and Andalusia.


"Beautiful! Recommended in any form of joy and delight", Avshalom Farjun.

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Photo: Noelia Iniesta
Photo: Noelia Iniesta

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Photo: Laura Soriano


Photo: Noelia Iniesta
Photo: Noelia Iniesta



Interview on Radio Sefarad
Interviw on Radio Sefarad
Interview on Spain's National Radio, RNE5
Ancient Groove – Jewish music from Israel travelling the world



Elisabet Erra Balboa (English, Spanish, Catalan)


+34 605132347

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Ofer Ronen


+34 691975833

When the old flamenco singer sits down in front of you and says, "Tocame Pormedio" (play for me in the middle), you must instantly understand where to place your fingers on the guitar's fretboard. And that's why we travel there, to Andalusia, across the Mediterranean Sea, to learn and internalize this flamenco language.


But when I play here the flamenco I studied there, there is no use in trying to prevent it from mixing with the local sounds that I hear in Jerusalem, Yaffa, the deserts or on the beaches. And the result, like the old man asked for, is PorMedio - "in between" countries, instruments and sounds.