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International collaboration with one a Spain´s leading flamenco dancers, La Moneta. Joint production with dancer Yarden Amir. Original music and arrangements by Ofer Ronen. Combining the special styles of the flamenco of Granada with the Arab and Jewish musics that originated in that same city centuries before.


"PorMedio", in between Jerusalem and Andalusia. My own music that connects both ends of the mediterranean.

Exploring my own roots through new compositions, the sounds of flamenco I studied in Andalusia merge into middle eastern textures, instruments, and languages.  PorMedio is my current point from which my musical creation emrges, in between cultures, countries and sounds.

Joint project with Israeli guitarist Roy Zakai. New interpretations of Jewish musics, for two guitars, Arabic oud, voice and percussion. An international project that achieves success worldwide

Our Barcelona based groove band of oriental, flamenco, sephardic, and Jewish musics.  

We want to invite you to our adventure, that you will dance and sing with us, get to know new musics, and have a great time, with a lot of love to life and all cultures.

Joint project by Ofer Ronen and Tamar Bloch. The intimate connection between voice and instrument brings out traditional songs of Moroccan jewry alongside new original songs influenced by many traditions.


A voyage to the roots of flamenco, from its Arabic and Jewish influences until the new and modern flamenco of these days.

This project was premiered in Israel, at 2017, with the participation of Spanish flamenco singer Anna Casado Colao.

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