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Lala Tamar & Ofer Ronen


An encounter between voice and strings, cultures and sounds. Journey weaved by traditional and original songs from the Mediterranean Sea to the North African Ocean.

Moroccan, Jewish - sephardic, flamenco and middle east musics find their common roots through the voice of the great young diva of Moroccan judeo arabic - Lala Tamar, accompanied by the virtuoso Guitar of Ofer Ronen (flamenco guitar and oud). A powerful and virtuosic show, yet intimate, that enchants the listener into a ritual which encompasses three cultures in one.


Lala Tamar and Ofer Ronen have been creating together for the last 7 years,  although living in different continents between Morocco and Spain, their passionate musical, artistic and soulful dialogue continues to evolve and takes on new forms which becomes more and more defined with every encounter.


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+34 691975833

Lala Tamar is a vocalist, musician and the winner of the New Israel Fund’s Grant for Essential Arts. Born to Jewish Moroccan - Brazilian parents Tamar is an independent artist and researcher in the fields of North African, Ladino and Andalusian Jewish music. She plays percussion instruments, Guembry, composes and writes original music based on the north africans jewish and muslim feminin traditions. Tamar performs and collaborates with musicians worldwide, amongst them: Mehdi Nasuli, Karim Ziad, Mnat Aishta, Yossi Fein, Omri Mor, Aminka  and many more. Lala Tamar has created the first Album ever to be recorded in the lost language of “Haquetia” (Moroccan jewish ladino) and is active in promoting awareness of North African Jewish heritage preservation worldwide. She performs and creates with the Award winning choreographer - Orly Portal. She is a voice teacher and holds North African women’s sacred singing workshops for women all around the world. mostly works between Israel and Morocco. 

Ofer Ronen is a guitarist, oud player, composer and producer who investigates the connections between the music of the Mediterranean with flamenco. Following years of studies of flamenco guitar in Andalucia, and later of Arabic maqam and oud in Israel, Ofer began creating his unique sound that synthesize naturally flamenco sounds with Arabic and Jewish Mediterranean musics. His musical carrer includes various projects he led such as Ancient Groove, Hamsa Hamsa, PorMedio, Duo Andalus, Las Tres Granadas and more, Ofer played in various countries such as, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Canada, France, Morocco, Cyprus, and more.

Some of the musician Ofer collaborated with includes Yair Dallal, Mor Karbasi, Fuensanta La Moneta, Lala Tamar, and many more.

Apart of a performing artist, Ofer has a b.a degree in musicology and has worked for 6 years in the Jewish Music Resarch Centre in Jerusalem with Prof. Edwin Seroussi investigatig and writing about Jewish Music.

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