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Ofer Ronen

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel, but raised in a small village next to the Lebanese border, it was just by a coincidence that I got exposed to flamenco music at a young age. I wanted to learn guitar, and by chance, my first teacher was himself an Israeli flamenco player, just coming back from living in Almeria for many years. It took some time, but I fell in love with this art, and eventually caught the bug of flamenco guitar.

It took me some more time to go to Spain to immerse totally in the fountains of flamenco guitar In Andalusia. Meanwhile studying and investigating Eastern Jewish musics. Finally I arrived to Seville and Jerez, and could drink flamenco guitar from the hands and feets of master guitarists, dancers and singers.

Few years past, I came back to Israel, and had a hard time playing pure traditional flamenco in another place rather than its origin. So I looked for the guitar equivalent of the Middle East. The oud, an instrument I’ve heard since childhood all around me, in Arabic villages and on the radio was the ansewer. I immediately bought one, and immersed myself in its playing and the theory of Arabic music, the maqam.

During these years of playing Arabic oud, while continuing playing and investigating the flamenco guitar, the fusing of the styles and the creation of my own sound from these two cultures became natural. And so my music, PorMedio starts coming to life. With PorMedio I performed around Israel in many festivals, and finally upon moving to Barcelona, began performing around Europe. On January 2018, released my first album, by the same name.

Currently I lead and play the electric oud in the Barcelona based oriental groove band, Hamsa Hamsa, and play my own music, and produce and compose music for big and unique productions.

Some of the artists I´ve played with during the last years are: La Moneta, Mor Karbasi, Yair Dallal, and many more.

Maktub by Anna Casado to be released in 2020 (composer, musician, arrangements)
Hamsa Hamsa EP by Hamsa Hamsa 2018 (musician, arrangements)
PorMedio by Ofer Ronen 2018 (composer, musician, arrangements)
Ma Im Karim by Tzlil Ribak 2016 (composer, musician, arrangements)
Ancient Groove by Ofer Ronen and Roy Zakai 2015 (musician, arrangements)
Babelucia by Yair Dallal and Nuriya La Tanita 2015 (musician, arrangements).

Main productions:

Cançons jueus catalans to be performed and recorded in 2020
Las Tres Granadas with La Moneta, Alvaro Martinete (composer, musician, arrangements)
PorMedio (composer, musician, arrangements)
Ancient Groove (musician, arrangements)

Main perfomances:
Calgary Folkfest (Canada), Starbelly Jam Festival (Canada), Jewish Music Festival (Holland), Festival Internacional de Música Sefardí (Spain), La Mercé (Spain), Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (Spain), Grec Festival (Spain), Fira Mediterrania de Manresa (Spain), Sufi Festival (Israel), Mediterranee Festival (Israel), Oud Festival Tel Aviv (Israel), University of Cyprus festival (Cyprus), Imago Festival (Slovenia), Andancas Festival (Portugal), and more..



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