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El Llanto - a beautiful Malagueña

This beautiful Malagueña was released by Pedro Sierra, in his album Nikelao, in 2009. It was 33 years after the singer, the great Pepe Marchena, died. Pedro Sierra (which I was lucky enough to learn from, in Seville), took out the guitar of the original recording of Marchena, and recorded his own accompaniment for Marchena.

It's a beautiful homage, but also a chilling one.

Marchena sings:

"Yo, con mi llanto voy regando

El camino de la vida

Son tan grandes mis quebrantos

Que tengo la fe perdida

El mundo me causa espanto"

"With my weeping, I'm watering

The path of life

My sorrows are so great

That I have lost my faith

The world frightens me"

Pedro Sierra, with his guitar, has brought Marchena back to life, and he sings to us about his life, full of sadness.

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