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Duo Andalus

New Groove to Jewish and Sephardic Musics

Ancient Jewish and Sephardic songs come to life with new interpertations that include guitar, Arabic oud, ​voice, percussion, and more sounds.

After working for many years at the Jewish Music Research Centre in Jerusalem, being exposed and researching the vastness and variety of Jewish musics, Ofer Ronen began interpereting them on his guitar and Oud.

 Cooperating with fellow guitarist Roy Zakai, they created the ensemble Ancient Groove, which travels worldwide to spread these musics. Spain, Israel, Cypress and Holland are some of the places the group visited. 


From his new home in the city of Barcelona, Ofer keeps on investigating and performing this never ending traditional repertoire, with local Spanish musicians, while embarking on international tours with Ancient Groove.

The concert of Jewish and Sephardic musics may be in several variants:

Solo concert of guitar and oud

duet with the singer Anna Casado

trio with percussion

quartet with another solo instrument.


Ofer also give workshops about Jewish music.

Book a concert and/or a workshop


Ofer Ronen

 +34 691975833

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