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Play and understand flamenco easily

in Barcelona! or on Skype!

In the video, some of the shows I've played, in Spain and around the world!

while playing my original piece Rumba de Shapira :)

Yes, I want to start playing!

With a first free introductory lesson

Great! see you soon

Hi I'm Ofer Ronen

​If you've arrived here


Than surely we are going to begin a beautiful time

We are gonna start a new road, and maybe change our lives


Many years ago, I heard for the first time the flamenco guitar, and I knew,


That's what I want


This sound.


​But how is it possible to play like that,


If you haven't been playing all your life?


It looks so hard, that we don't even want to start.


But you can play flamenco, and good!

What are we going to study and experience in the class?


-          Playing all of the flamenco Palos (styles)


-          Obtain the "flamenco" sound in 4 classes!


-          Use techniques and rhythms that will allow us to play any other style of music easily


-          How to play in front of an audience, although we're nervous.


-          Enjoy the experience of 17 years of studies, and 7 years of teaching.


-          And most important of all…. Have a lot of fun!

Hope to see you soon, in Barcelona, or on Skype :)

With love,

Ofer Ronen

34 - 691975833

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